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Birth Flowers for October

Birth Flowers for October

Date: August 31, 2020

If there is a single color that is closely tied to the month of October, it is orange. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that marigolds are one of the birth flowers for the month of October. The other is Cosmos.

Marigold flowers are usually used to signify despair and grief regarding a loved one who has passed away. Therefore, it might be surprising that such a cheerful flower is closely tied to someone who has died. The neon orange and yellow hues have historically been used to represent light paths or sun rays that guide people who have recently passed away. This flower also represents purity and the warmth of the sun. Today, this flower is used to represent prosperity.

Cosmos are flowers that symbolize serenity, peace, and order. In Greek, the name means harmony, order, and the world. In centuries past, Spanish missionaries who lived in Mexico would cultivate this flower in local gardens. This flower is also uniquely symmetrically balanced. The pedals are distributed evenly on the stem.