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Birth Flowers for November

Birth Flowers for November

Date: August 31, 2020

November is famous for its single birth flower, the chrysanthemum. A common flower found in numerous gardens, the chrysanthemum is a strong reminder of the vibrant colors that are found on autumn leaves. Chrysanthemums are often shortened mums as a nickname. The word comes from Greek. The prefix means gold and the rest of the word means flower. Even though chrysanthemums now come in many colors, the original chrysanthemum was a golden color.

three chrysanthemums side by side

Chrysanthemums are native to Asia. The history of this flower goes back thousands of years. Therefore, chrysanthemums are often used to symbolize birth. In many Asian cultures, they consider chrysanthemums to be a powerful emblem of youth. Some even believe this flower prevents gray hair.

Similar to other flowers, chrysanthemums come in numerous colors. A red mum symbolizes love while a yellow chrysanthemum symbolizes slighted love. Like other flowers, a white chrysanthemum means Purity and innocence. As a result, chrysanthemums are commonly exchanged during the month of November.