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Birth Flowers for July

Birth Flowers for July

Date: August 31, 2020

The month of July is home to flowers that can turn heads quickly. One flower is the star of numerous water paintings all the other can grow towering spikes. The two birth flowers for the month of July are the Larkspur and the Water Lily.

The Larkspur is another flower that can take on different meanings depending on the color. Blue flowers signify grace while white flowers signify happiness. Purple flowers represent love at first sight while pink flowers represent fickleness. Usually, Larkspurs are exchanged to indicate strong bonds of love.

Purple Larkspur Flowers

The other flower for the month of July is the star of numerous paintings throughout the years. Famously painted by Claude Monet, Water Lilies are used to symbolize majesty and purity. In addition to being lovely flowers to display on their own, these flowers can be used in ponds to prevent the growth of algae. Furthermore, these flowers are a common source of shade, helping to cool the water for fish and frogs that might live in the pond.