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Birth Flowers for January

Birth Flowers for January

Date: August 31, 2020

Traditional birth flowers for the month of January are they Carnation and the Snowdrop. These are two beautiful flowers that come together to create a beautiful bouquet for those born in the first month of the year.

Pink Carnations

First, let’s talk about the Carnation. Carnations come in several different colors. Different colors can be used to convey different meanings. In this manner, carnations are similar to roses. For example, a dark red carnation is used to signify deep love. On the other hand, a pink carnation can mean simple affection. Striped carnations are used to indicate regret while a white Carnation indicates remembrance and innocence. It is important to note that carnations are the traditional flower of a Mother's Day celebration as well. As a result, children often give their mothers pink carnations on Mother's Day. For a mom who has passed away, a white Carnation is off and left at the gravesite.

In the past, the solemn Snowdrop flower used to be considered bad luck. This is because Snowdrop flowers always seemed to grow and graveyards. Today, the meaning of this delicate flower has changed. Often, it is one of the first flowers to grow as winter starts today. In this manner, the name is appropriate and the flower signifies hope and beauty.