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Birth Flowers for February

Birth Flowers for February

Date: August 31, 2020

Traditional birth flowers for the month of February are the Violet and the Primrose. These are two unique flowers for individuals born during the shortest month of the year.

Of course, February is known for Valentine's Day. Therefore, February is already a big month for flowers. Therefore, some people might find it strange that the red roses actually not the birth month flower in February. Violets are used to signify loyalty, watchfulness, and faithfulness. Therefore, people often give violets to individuals to let them know that they are always going to be there for them. In addition to roses, violets are commonly exchanged in the month of February as well.

Yellow Primrose Flower

The other flower for the month of February at the Primrose. A primrose is given to let someone know that they are someone without whom the giver would not be able to live. Primroses come from Europe and are always in bloom. Some people think that Primrose flowers are actually related to the rose given their name a; however, the two flowers are not related. Primroses are often one of the first flowers to bloom as winter fades. Therefore, primroses will multiply throughout the year if they are given a little bit of shade and moist soil.