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Be Creative and Fun For Your First Valentine's Day Together

Be Creative and Fun For Your First Valentine's Day Together

Date: December 5, 2019

Congratulations! It’s your first Valentine’s Day together, but how do you celebrate this special occasion without appearing like you want to rush down the aisle? There’s a fine line between romantic overkill and playing it so cool that a love spell won’t be cast.

Make this first Valentine's Day fun, casual, and memorable.

* Put your favorite restaurants' names in a jar and pick one. It may be place you first met, you watch sports together, or a posh place you've never been as a couple. This makes planning the holiday a couple activity without solo pressure that can make you feel overwhelmed. After lunch or dinner, see a movie, pop into a comedy club or go bowling.  Just choose something you both love to do together. If cooking is more your thing, plan and make a meal together or just enjoy peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in front of the television. Remember, the holiday is about connecting.

* Write a casual sweet note in a blank card. Valentine's Day can often overload emotions, and you don't want to smother your date withsappy love bombs. Write a caring, thoughtful note: "I've really enjoyed getting to know you these last few months. Let's celebrate and have more!" or "You make me laugh. I'm so glad we met. Here's to more fun times." Sign the card with "XOXO" that conveys affection without writing the "L" word. If you've already confessed your love, of course, sign the note with "love." Be geniune -- it goes a long way.

Mixed Valentine

* Are you both obsessed with your pets? Do your pets get along? If so, spend the day together with your pets at a pet park or at a pet-friendly resturant or patio. Visit the pet store and buy treats for your dogs and cats. 

What to give each other? You can't go wrong with gifts that have stood the test of time -- flowers, teddy bears, and chocolate-covered strawberries.

Valentine's flowers radiate happiness. And no you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on a huge bouquet of red roses. Don't be afraid to ask the florist to create an arrangement especially for your sweetheart. Perhaps, they like wildflowers and greenery wrapped loosely in a rustic ribbon more than a proper arrangement in a crystal vase. You also can make your own arrangement. Go to a vintage market, buy an antique bowl, and fill it with a hodge-podge of flowers from your local grocer. Be creative and daring.

Gigantic Teddy bears make people smile, especially when they have a big bow tied around their necks with a note saying "Take Care Of Me." Give the bear a special name that means something to you as a couple -- a character from a TV show you watch together, a song you both love, or a shared inside joke. Write the bear's new name on the tag and decorate with hearts.

End your first Valentine's Day with decadent chocolate covered strawberries and celebrate knowing that this will likely not be your last Valentine's Day together.