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All About Air Plants

All About Air Plants

Date: August 31, 2020

Air plants are some of the most enchanting plants we have in the world. They are amazingly unique and are warming the hearts of many gardeners today. Their distinctive growth habit does not involve soil, and that means that they are great houseplants. Their unique look will blow your visitors away with their looks of the appendages of an exotic sea creature or those alien-like tentacles. These fascinating little plants can be planted in almost any garden or space you may have and still grow to glow. If you have no idea what air plants are, read on to know everything about air plants.

What are air plants?

Air plants are members of the bromeliad family. These epiphytic plants are commonly found in the tropical and subtropical habitats of South and North America. Here, they can be found clinging on buildings, rocks, branches, trunks, or anything they can use as a host. It is imperative to note that while these plants flourish when sitting on a host, they do not take or require anything from their host. They absorb water and nutrients through their leaves, and the roots function to support the plants. Due to their attractiveness and self-dependence, people are getting more and more interested in growing them around their homes for display. Gardeners can place the plants just about anywhere at home, or you could make use of displays.


The different types of air plants

You may have seen more than five types of air plants at some point in your life. Whether you have seen them grow on electric wires, rocks, on other trees, or any other place, as long as they were not growing on soil, they could have been air plants. Most ai plants are known for their beauty and uniqueness. Here are some of the popular air plants.

How to care for air plants

Air plants are quite straightforward to deal with. The most basic need that your plants will require is air--hence the name air plants. Like we mentioned earlier, air plants do not need soil. They also collect water from their leaves. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't do some watering. Give your plants an hour or more to soak in the water, especially during summer. You can do this once a week during summer or once in 3 weeks during winter.

When it comes to air, your plant needs is plenty of air. If you want to grow them in your home, it's crucial that you assess the area, whether there is enough exchange of air. These plants prefer bright but indirect light. Find a bright area in your home and not around a sunny window as the sun's direct beams can burn the plants. If you would like to add fertilizer, all-purpose fertilizer at a quarter or half-strength to the water will do. You can do this after every third or fourth watering.

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